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Are Your Locks Beyond Help?

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Are you living with locks that don’t really work properly? Maybe you’re finding it a struggle to open or close your doors when you leave the house or after you come home from a busy day.  Alternatively you might be looking for a way to beef up your home security by installing new and improved locks.  We talk to a lot of people who’ve been told that they’re stuck with the locks they have.  Either that or they need to think about replacing their whole door.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.  If you think your locks are beyond help, there could still be a solution.

Why couldn’t my lock be repaired?

There are lots of potential reasons why your locks can’t be repaired.  Depending on the design there may be a problem with the whole lock, for instance if some of the internal mechanism has warped or corroded over time.  Locks are designed to be secure. Sometimes that means that they’re designed to join together seamlessly.  It isn’t always possible to remove a single part and replace it.  If you’ve had a locksmith tell you that they can’t do anything with your locks it could be because of an issue like this.

Sometimes it’s for other reasons.  We carry lots of different parts and locks so that we can carry out repairs on the spot.  We offer an emergency call out service which often means we need to do a quick repair or replacement. Sometimes we come across a lock that’s a bit unusual. The parts aren’t always available straight away so we need to order them in.  We’ve heard that some locksmiths don’t do this. That’s up to them but it doesn’t help you to find a solution.

Why is it difficult to replace existing locks?

If you’ve got a standard Yale type lock it’s really easy to replace.  However, it can be harder to replace locks in modern double glazed doors.  The locks are often embedded into the structure of the door as part of the manufacturing process.  It’s still possible to replace them, it just takes a bit more work.

You also need to have the right knowledge and training.  We try and keep up to date with new designs so that we can solve any problems straight away.  It’s quite common for people to want to change the locks when they move into a new house.  You might also want to replace your locks if a key has gone missing or if you want to improve security overall.  We make sure that we keep our training up to date so that we can help with those issues.

No Quibbles

If you are having problems with your door locks then please keep Liberty Locksmith on your contacts list. We consider ourselves to be the cheapest professional locksmith in Glasgow and surrounding areas who won’t disappear if a fault arises from any repairs we do. We genuinely offer a full 12 months parts and labour guarantee no quibble.   

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