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Faulty uPVC Door? Liberty Locksmith’s Free Gain Entry Service

Faulty uPVC doors
Free gain entry

Liberty Locksmith is a local locksmith in Glasgow who covers Glasgow and the surrounding areas including Rutherglen, Motherwell, Coatbridge, Uddingston and many more.  Liberty Locksmiths are offering a unique service to all their customers. If you have a faulty uPVC door that you are unable to open and still have the keys, Denis the locksmith will gain entry for you (non-destructively) and then replace the faulty door mechanism.

Most locksmiths will charge you for gaining entry to the property as well as charge you for the repair. But Liberty Locksmiths are unique in that they will only charge you for the repair.

Type of faults with uPVC Doors

The faults with uPVC door arise mainly in the broken centre mechanisms. These are what you could call the brains of the locking system and are situated behind the handles. It’s the part that the locking cylinder goes through. 

They can become faulty due to a number of reasons:

  • Age of the mechanism
  • Kids swinging on the handles
  • Or just due to the doors needing adjusted

If they fail, the door is locked – wither with you inside or locked out.

Usually the cost of gaining entry would be around £60 or £70. But Liberty Locksmiths are waiving this fee.

If you are locked out of your uPVC front or back door and still have keys (that is- you haven’t lost them) then you are able to access this offer.

Get in touch with Liberty Locksmiths now if you are having any kind of problem with your doors.

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