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Lock Snapping – Is My Home At Risk?

lock snapping Glasgow

As a local locksmith in Glasgow, I am often called to homes that have been broken into. I am called to replace the broken lock or ‘make safe’ the property if the lock is particularly unusual and needs to be ordered. When I am there, I witness the impact this crime has on people. Aside from the financial damage, it can leave some people feeling very upset, distressed and even frightened to be in their own home. It’s the last thing I would ever want anyone to have to go through.

There are lots of different ways that burglars break into homes but a technique called ‘lock snapping’ is becoming much more common in Glasgow.  Luckily, it’s also something that can be easily prevented.

What is lock snapping?

Lock snapping is when a burglar exploits the week points in old style euro cylinder locks and actually breaks (snaps) the cylinder. An experienced intruder with the right tools can do this in less than 2 minutes!

Which doors are vulnerable to lock snapping?

Any door with an old style euro cylinder lock is vulnerable to this technique. These locks can be found on many types of doors but most commonly on uPVC doors, composite doors, patio and conservatory doors.

It might be strange to hear that a multipoint locking door can be vulnerable. However, although these doors have multiple bolts which lock at various points along the door frame, they are controlled by a single cylinder lock. If this cylinder lock is weak then the whole door is weak.

How can I prevent lock snapping?

In the last few years there have been massive improvements in euro cylinder technology. Lock manufacturers have developed lots of new anti-snap cylinders. With the latest cylinders, if a thief attempts to snap the lock, it goes into lock-down mode meaning that the door is unable to open. I have now fitted hundreds of these locks throughout Glasgow.

Lock snapping Glasgow

The size of euro cylinder is important too. On many occasions I have visited homes with cylinder locks that are too big and which stick out of the door casing. This is something that will instantly attract an intruder as it is much easier to snap. A trained locksmith will always measure your door accurately and fit a cylinder lock that is exactly the right size.

Liberty Locksmiths is an affordable highly rated locksmith serving customers in Glasgow and the surrounding towns. If you are worried about lock snapping please do not hesitate to get in touch. We offer a free quote and fit a range of locks from budget snap-safe euro cylinder locks right through to 3 star British Standard insurance approved locks.

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