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How to Decode a Union Strongbolt Mortice Lock

In this short video, Denis the Glasgow Locksmith demonstrates how to decode a Union Strongbolt mortice lock. These are very secure locks but locksmiths need to be able to unpick them if a customer gets locked out. Using this technique he can gain entry without causing damage to the lock.

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Are Your Locks Beyond Help?

Are you living with locks that don’t really work properly? Maybe you’re finding it a struggle to open or close your doors when you leave the house or after you come home from a busy day.  Alternatively you might be looking for a way to beef up your home security by installing new and improved…

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Cheap Locksmith in Glasgow Video

cheap locksmiths

Are you looking for a cheap locksmith in Glasgow? This video is all about my business, Liberty Locksmiths – a Glasgow locksmith. The video explains what I do and how I can help you. You don’t always know that you can trust a locksmith, but I hope that you can tell from my reviews and…

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Keyed Alike – How One Key Fits All Doors!

Keyed Alike

The video is one of a series of videos in our blog which shows Denis our locksmith using one key Keyed Alike to enter all 5 internal and external doors. The locks are three star insurance approved lock cylinder made by Avocet. This house is very secure and burglars have no chance of lock snapping.…

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