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Does It Really Matter Which Locksmith You Call?

locksmith picking lock

When you have an emergency locksmith problem, it is not unusual to choose the first locksmith you can get hold of. Even when you have a non-emergency lock problem, it can be tempting to call the first number you find. Is that a good idea and does it really matter which locksmith you call? Unfortunately,…

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Is Housebreaking Set to Rise After COVID?

Housebreaking in Scotland If you have been burgled in the past, you will know just how devastating it can be. Mentally and financially it can be very damaging and is definitely something to try and prevent. After getting in touch with the police, the first thing that most people do is call a locksmith to…

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What Should I Do if I Am Locked Out?

Locked out and need an emergency locksmith

Finding yourself in the unfortunate position of being locked out of your home is stressful. When this happens in winter when it is cold and wet, things can seem even worse. You may not be sure what the best option is and don’t want to spend money calling a locksmith for help. Sometimes this can…

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What Are Digital Locks and What Are They Used For?

digital lock for Glasgow property

Digital locks (digilocks) provide a quick and simple way to lock/unlock a door without a key. Another name for this is keyless access control. In certain circumstances, it is the best and most appropriate access/security solution. For example, a digital lock is a great way to secure a door that is regularly accessed by a…

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How to Identify the Type of Lock on Your Door

cylinder lock held by Glasgow locksmith

As a Glasgow locksmith I spend a lot of my time replacing locks. Not surprisingly, most people have no idea about the type of lock they have fitted on their front or back door. However, identifying the type of locks you have can sometimes be very important. This is particularly true if you are seeking…

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Lock Snapping – Is My Home At Risk?

lock snapping Glasgow

As a local locksmith in Glasgow, I am often called to homes that have been broken into. I am called to replace the broken lock or ‘make safe’ the property if the lock is particularly unusual and needs to be ordered. When I am there, I witness the impact this crime has on people. Aside…

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Picking the Yale BS 1 Star Lock

Glasgow Locksmith Denis lock picking Yale BS 1 Star

This short video shows Denis, from Liberty Locksmiths in Glasgow picking a Yale BS 1 Star lock. He is using a lock picking tool from GJ Locks that can open Yale Superior, Yale Platinum and Millenco Magnum locks. Although Denis makes picking the lock look easy he admits that it is not that straightforward. He…

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Picking the ABUS 3 Star Euro Cylinder Lock

Glasgow locksmith picking a ABUS Euro Cylinder lock

Denis, from Liberty Locksmiths, is a rapid response, emergency locksmith in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. He has to be able to quickly pick even the most secure locks so that he can help people get back into their property if they find themselves locked out. This short video demonstrates Denis picking an ABUS euro-cylinder…

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