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The 5 Most Common Lock Problems – Why You Need a Fast Locksmith

why you need a locksmith

It’s easy to take your locks for granted. They work perfectly well every day and then suddenly, they don’t. The most common problems with locks are often quite minor, but they can still ruin your day. If your lock doesn’t lock you could be late for work or collecting the kids or face leaving your house unsecured. Equally, you don’t want to get home at the end of a long day to find that you can’t get in.

You need a quick solution and a locksmith who will respond quickly. We can usually respond to a call within 30 minutes. Here are some of the most common lock problems that need a fast response.

1.        A broken key

Keys can get broken whether you’re locking up or trying to get in. The most frustrating part is that it often happens because you’re rushing. If you’re already running late the last thing you want is a broken key. You can often prevent this happening by making sure you take your time. Thankfully, if it does happen it’s easy to fix. We can get your broken key out of the lock and even repair it for you.

2.        The lock doesn’t engage

You’re trying to lock up and head out for the day. You turn your key, but the door won’t lock. This is often because the lock isn’t aligned properly so doesn’t sit where it needs to.

If this happens because of wear and tear we can usually repair it with some adjustments to the lock. Sometimes it’s an issue with the door and we might need to reposition the door itself. Whatever the cause we can be with you quickly to let you know what repair is needed and how long it will take.

3.        The mechanism isn’t working

Sometimes the lock just won’t work. There are a few different mechanical problems that can arise and an experienced locksmith can often diagnose common straight away. However, some issues are harder to detect. In those circumstances we will remove the lock to see if we can see what the problem is and fix it for you. Sometimes the cost of a repair is more than a replacement lock. If that’s the case we’ll let you know straight away and install a new lock to give you a quick and cost effective solution to the problem.

4.        The key won’t go in

If your key won’t go into the lock it’s worth checking whether you’ve got the right key. Test new keys when you first get them cut to make sure they’re working properly.

However, it’s also possible that there’s a blockage in the lock itself. DIY remedies can often cause more problems than they solve so call a reputable locksmith to investigate. We have a range of tools and specialist sprays that will clear most blockages for you.

5.        The key won’t turn

If the key will go into the lock but then won’t turn, your lock could have seized. This is a very common problem and can cause key breakages if you try and force the lock. We have specialist silicon sprays in our toolkit which can sometimes solve the problem.

If your lock can’t be repaired we can solve the issue quickly by installing a new one. We can be with you in 30 minutes and will even provide new keys.

You never know when you might need a reliable, fast locksmith. Save our details in your phone or visit our website to find out more.

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