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uPVC door repairs Glasgow

Liberty Locksmiths are experts in uPVC door repairs, composite door locks and window locks. They are local to you in Glasgow (and many other areas like Motherwell, East Kilbride, Hamilton) and have helped many households with problems with locks on these types of doors and windows. We can supply, fit and repair multi-locks, cylinders and handles on uPVC doors and windows and composite doors.

Multi-point Lock Gearbox Replacement for Composite and uPVC Doors

We specialise in multi-point lock gearbox replacement for composite and UPVC doors. A repair of this nature is very much cheaper than a full mechanism replacement. This type of repair replaces the main internal mechanism of the multi-point lock meaning there is no need to replace the full mechanism. We carry the majority of these gearboxes in stock and can do a 1st time fix 99% of the time. If the mechanism is obsolete we can source replacements and return the next day.  In the event of having to order parts we will leave your door secure.

Common problems with uPVC doors

  • The key is stuck in the lock
  • The key will only come out in the open position
  • The door won’t open after being unlocked
  • The key only goes part of the way in and won’t turn - usually a Euro cylinder failure.
  • The door handle is floppy
  • Excess force is required to open, close and lock your door.
  • With warmer weather most UPVC doors, and especially the darker colour ones, will expand and become stiff to close. If this is not adjusted properly excessive force will cause the mechanism to break and you will either be locked in or out.

Lock snapping on uPVC doors

Most uPVC doors use a multi-point locking system which is very secure as it locks in multiple places. However, if the Euro cylinder within is of inferior quality it can easily be snapped and regardless of the multi-lock mechanism, your door security will fail. This makes it easy for burglars as this video shows.

We only fit snap safe quality cylinders. The maximum star rating is 3 stars which is the recommended insurance level. By adding 2 star door handles, you can bring the whole locking system up to 5 stars – which means that it is near impossible for a burglar to gain entry via lock snapping. Lock snapping is a very common way for a burglar to gain entry and it might be prudent to upgrade old cylinders to ones which can’t snap to prevent unwelcome visitors before they try and gain entry.

Wear and tear of the multi-point locking and cylinder can cause the problems listed above too. But sometimes the locking mechanism won’t work due to the uPVC door being misaligned. Simple adjustments may be all that is required.

If you have problems with your uPVC doors or windows, call your local locksmith in Glasgow. Liberty locksmiths offer a 24 hour emergency service so get in touch if you need help.

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