Why Choose Liberty Locksmiths? – Short Video

Why Choose Liberty Locksmiths Video

There are many reasons for choosing Liberty Locksmiths. We provide a wide range of affordable locksmith services and our large number of 5 Star reviews in Google, Trustpilot, Facebook etc. demonstrate that our customers are happy with our work and our prices. Watch this short video to learn some more about us.

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How to Decode a Union Strongbolt Mortice Lock

locksmith decoding a Union Strong Bolt Mortice lock

In this short video, Denis the Glasgow Locksmith demonstrates how to decode a Union Strongbolt mortice lock. These are very secure locks but locksmiths need to be able to unpick them if a customer gets locked out. Using this technique he can gain entry without causing damage to the lock.

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Replacement Yale SBD Multi-Point Lock

replacement lock

This video shows how we replaced an old obsolete lock made by Yale. The customer was complaining that when she locked the door you could just push the handles down and the door would open. Two locksmiths had previously told her no parts were available and she needed a new door. They were right that…

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A letterbox Tool for Locksmiths

Glasgow locksmith letterbox tool

In this video Denis describes the new tool he has to help gain entry to properties without any damage.  This tool goes through the letterbox and enables the locksmith to twist, turn and push and pull keys and knobs. For example nightlatches and door knobs. It is a quality tool which lasts a lifetime and…

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Cheap Locksmith in Glasgow Video

cheap locksmiths

Are you looking for a cheap locksmith in Glasgow? This video is all about my business, Liberty Locksmiths – a Glasgow locksmith. The video explains what I do and how I can help you. You don’t always know that you can trust a locksmith, but I hope that you can tell from my reviews and…

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How to Replace A GU Multi Point Lock

How to replace a GU multi point lock

In this latest video, we undertook a full multi point lock replacement.  The customers original multi point lock was obsolete so we measured and sourced a suitable replacement. All we had to do was crop the replacement top and bottom and adjust the centre keep and then fill in a 10MM hole. All perfect and…

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