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What Are Digital Locks and What Are They Used For?

digital lock for Glasgow property

Digital locks (digilocks) provide a quick and simple way to lock/unlock a door without a key. Another name for this is keyless access control. In certain circumstances, it is the best and most appropriate access/security solution. For example, a digital lock is a great way to secure a door that is regularly accessed by a high volume of people. It removes the hassle of trying to keep track of a large number of keys and who has access to them. Ensuring correct installation is important. That is why we strongly recommend using a qualified locksmith to fit them.

Digital locks

Pushbutton digital locks first appeared in the 1960s. Although initially these types of locks were primarily for access restriction, they have continued to evolve to this day. Today’s pushbutton digilocks offer a robust, low cost solution for a number of access and security applications. Most people will be familiar with this type of lock. It consists of a keypad that is used to manually input a pin code. Entering the correct code opens the lock allowing the door to be opened.  One of the advantages of this type of digital lock is that it doesn’t require a power source.

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Benefits of digital locks

Digital locks offer a number of advantages

  • Lost key issues become a distant memory
  • Very suitable for high traffic areas. They reduce the cost and hassle of supplying multiple keys and improve access/exit times. Ideal for factory/office entry and exits etc.
  • No more broken keys in locks
  • Easy out of hours access for approved persons, no calling a keyholder out etc.
  • Longer lasting. Pushbutton entry systems are not subject to the same repetitive behaviour as turning a key. This means that pushbuttons generally last longer than their key counterparts.
  • Easy to change the code e.g. when an employee leaves

While digital locks are not suitable for every application, where they are suitable, they offer a robust cost effective security solution.

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