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What Should I Do if I Am Locked Out?

Broken key and locked out of house

Finding yourself in the unfortunate position of being locked out of your home is stressful. When this happens in winter when it is cold and wet, things can seem even worse. You may not be sure what the best option is and don’t want to spend money calling a locksmith for help. Sometimes this can be avoided but most times, calling a locksmith is the fastest and cheapest option.

Here are some common ways that people try to get back inside if they are locked out.

1. Locate another key

If the problem is that you have lost your key then this is clearly the best solution. This is why I always recommend leaving a spare key with a neighbour or family friend etc. However, if you cannot locate another key, the lock is broken or the key is broken in the lock, you will need to find another way.

2. Find an open window

The next thing most people do is look for an open window. If you can find one (and haven’t already been burgled!) this could certainly solve your problem. Of course, you still have to reach the window and be able to climb inside it. But if the window is not on the ground floor, this can be dangerous and not something for the faint-hearted.

3. Break-in!

If the door has glass panels some people will smash a pane to gain entry. Of course, this is only useful if there are keys in the lock on the inside that you can reach. On top of this, the cost of replacing the glass will not be cheap. I have even arrived at properties where people have tried to kick in the door. This is usually a costly mistake because door repairs can be very pricey

4. Try to break the lock

This sounds easier than it actually is. It takes years of training for a locksmith to perfect their skills. If you don’t have these skills, breaking a lock can cause a lot of extra damage. Even if you manage it and can get the door opened, you are left with the cost of a new lock and getting it fitted along with the additional cost of repairing any damage you may have caused.

In my opinion, unless you can find a spare key quickly, I would usually recommend calling a locksmith straight away. They should arrive quickly and have the skills and tools necessary to do the job with minimum hassle. This is because a good locksmith will be trained in non-destructive entry techniques. This means that in most cases (85% -90%) they will be able to pick the lock and get you back into your property quickly and with no damage to your lock or door.

Even in the very worst case scenario, where the lock is very secure and can’t be picked, this is still the best option. Although a drill may need to be used, a good locksmith will still be able to get you inside your property and a new secure lock fitted with the minimum of damage.  If you take a few minutes and quickly check out locksmith reviews on Google, Facebook etc. before choosing which locksmith to call, this should not cost you a fortune either.

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