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Will You Need a Locksmith This Christmas?

will you need a locksmith this Christmas?

It’s the time of year when you have to start thinking about Christmas shopping and those festive celebrations, as well as all of your normal day to day tasks.  You might have to fit in a trip to the shops before the school run. There might not even be time to go home before your work do. All these changes to your routine mean that it’s easier to make mistakes. You put on a different coat or pick up your evening bag for a night out. Then when you get home late you realise that your keys are in the pocket that’s on the other side of your front door.  Even worse, you might return to find that you’ve been the victim of a burglary.  Will you need a locksmith this Christmas? Here are our tips for steps to take if you’re faced with an emergency.

Don’t panic

If you’ve arrived home to find yourself locked out because your keys are missing it can come as a bit of a shock.  The important thing to remember is that there is always a solution. Firstly, think about where there might be a spare key.  We don’t recommend leaving spares under a flowerpot but is there someone else who could let you in? Depending on the time of day you may be able to call on a friend or family member who has a spare key.

Of course, your keys might not be missing. We’ve been called out to people who let themselves into the house then returned to the car to bring more shopping in. The door slams behind them with their keys on the inside.

What if it’s a break in?

Being broken into is an awful feeling, especially at Christmas.  If this happens to you your first step should always be to call the police. They’ll want to examine your home to see what evidence they can find.  Burglars can get into your property in a few different ways.  They may have caused damage to your locks or UPVC doors to gain access.  Whatever the damage you’ll want to make sure that your home is made secure as quickly as possible. That’s where a specialist locksmith can help.  We offer a 24 hour service and can replace locks and even repair UPVC doors whenever you need us to.

Burglaries can be particularly common around Christmas when burglars know there’ll be gifts in the house.  We can come and check your locks to make sure they’re up to the job to give you peace of mind.

Call your local locksmith this Christmas

There are lots of locksmiths advertising online.  We’d always recommend choosing someone local. They can get to you quickly because they’re nearby. They’re also more likely to know the area so you won’t have to take phone calls from a locksmith who can’t find your house when you just want to get in out of the cold.  Within our area, we know that we can usually get to any call out within 30 minutes. Sometimes it isn’t even that long.

A local company will also usually have local staff.  You won’t be put through to a national call centre. The person who answers the phone will be just down the road.  In our case, Denis takes all the calls. He’s a qualified locksmith so he can give you the best advice straight away.

Will you need a locksmith this Christmas? Visit our contact page to save our number – just in case.

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